You started this to make it big. We're going to hold you to that!

So, why we're different,
& Not traditional 'agents'.

We are a voice over collective agency. We represent talent differently than traditional agents. We DO get you work for broadcast, industrial, interactive media, new media, IVR, & film just as a traditional agent or manager would. However, we do not charge a commission from talent rather we collect an agency fee for those jobs you book and complete. Our income is paid by the clients who book you. If under our contract with the casting agent there is no allocated agency fee, we then negotiate with you for our nominal commission & fee. 

Being upfront and transparent is what we liked as talent, and we continue that approach as agents. We may make a fee or commission if; and when, we make an agreed upon placement with a needed voice over management group as our relationship and your craft steadily grows.

Our model is simple. We've made connections with every production house in the US along with thousands of companies, and we know what those brands and casting agents look for in a new voice for their next campaign.  So we've partnered to get you working today on major projects for industry leaders, We of course want to deliver you straight to our established trusted agency partners. 

All talent must have their own studio with live session capabilities, or access to at least 3 studios with a connection for live sessions. 

You may be represented by any other VO Talent Agency in the United States unless we sign you to an exclusive content category. You may have managers that function to run your back office as well. If you need help finding the right connection we'll walk you through that as well.


If you are represented by another agency or talent management group and we are the first to send you auditions – regardless of where it’s held or where the work will be performed – you must agree to audition through whomever contacts you first for any audition or job.

If you receive an invitation email:

We will provide access to the talent side of our site so that you may explore and learn the structure for our talent agreements, what services are provided and what our expectations are. This is your time to evaluate us - make your decision to join us 100% or decline the invitation.

If you don’t hear from us:


The possible reason is because we don’t feel you are right for our current roster openings. That shouldn’t discourage you, as we work with premium talent who have put years into their voice craft. So keep going!

Deserve your shot at real VO?
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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully: