You started this to make it big. We're going to hold you to that!

We're more than different.
Our agency is built different.

We are TAC Media Holdings Corp, a group with several small business entity members.  Timber & Chase is different than anything you've experienced before. We represent talent differently than every traditional institution in the industry. We DO provide the everyday auditions for broadcast, industrial, interactive media, new media, IVR, & film just as a traditional agent or manager would. We personally feel that you have more of those than you know what to do with. Considering Pay2Play sites are everywhere,  and they are circulating the same job at 10 different pay rates to 25,000 untrained talent that bid $50. While most likely, they kept more of the approved budget than you know.  Honestly, its true.

Relax and take a breath. Welcome to Timber & Chase, where its so amazing to be different.  We're talent, leading talent. Someone who gets you, gets the rejections, knows every side joke you make, and knows how hard you've worked. Now, get among real colleagues, a place that has not just the 'collectives' success in mind, but assuring that those that stand within are positioned for the best life moving forward.


We are transparent, honest, and accountable to you. And we love that idea.

We do not charge a monthly fee like old school managers. Commission's if any, are structured into a contract of offer. All depending on how we represent you and the honest eval of your past & potential bookings. We have no rules about where you may obtain work, who you may work for, or who you choose for your back office and studio staff. Your VO brand is your company, and we're just a proven and targeted means to reaching your goal of a happy secure life in voiceover. Now, that's the dumbed down simplified version of the basic truth here. There is a lot more to it and you'll get the Timber & Chase way and how it works, if we invite you to join our roster.

Being upfront and transparent is what we liked as talent, and we continue that approach as your success team in every interaction that we do in your name and in ours. 

Our model is simple. We've made connections with every production house in the US along with thousands of companies, and we know what those brands and casting agents look for in today's media. 


So, we've partnered to get you working today on major projects for industry leaders. We of course want to deliver you straight to our established trusted partners.  Therefore, all talent must have their own studio with live session capabilities, or access to at least 3 studios with a connection for live sessions. 

You may not be represented by any exclusive creative contract in the United States unless that contract is for a single VO category. You may have business management that function to run your back office or finance, and marketing. If you need help finding the right connection to a transparent and trusted VO manager we'll walk you through that as well.


If you are represented by another agency, and we are the first to send you any casting, reading, manuscript, audition, or gig communication – regardless of where it’s held or where the work will be performed – you must agree to abide by our first right of claim and slate the audition with Timber & Chase.

If you receive an invitation email:

We will provide you with our talent agreements, compensation terms, company costs and our partner placements  in the industry as your business grows. You'll see what services are provided and what our contracted expectations are. This is YOUR time to evaluate US - make a decision to join us 100% or decline our invitation.

If you submit & don’t hear from us:


The possible reason is we're buried in submissions, or we don’t feel you're right for the current castings in our pipeline. That shouldn’t discourage you, as we work with those who have put years into their voice craft. So keep going!  We select again each February and July.

Timber & Chase VO talent
booking visible work daily.


Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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